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Guild Charter

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Guild Charter:

One guild, filled with many visions, serving one purpose in seamless harmony.
Bloodguilt is a guild about making new friends, and having high adventure with a strong focus on teamwork, desire and commitment. . We seek new friends that will play together and achieve together in a friendly casual atmosphere. We seek those with past MMO, PvP and Raiding experience. Light role-play is available to enhance the gaming atmosphere but, it is not "required" to be in character. We wish to achieve balance between all the styles of play but at or near “end game” the focus will lean toward PvP and Raiding. We thrive in consuming ALL content and will not necessarily race to the “end game” for “end games” sake. Despite our lofty goals we do not want Bloodguilt to feel like a job, it should feel like an adventure! Having fun is our primary concern.

The Focus:
Having fun and cameraderie is, and will always remain our number one priority. We will raise the bar and make new friends one member at a time. We will remain committed to each other as brothers and sisters in all our endeavors; be it Adventure, Crafting, or Socializing. Each is as equally important as the other.

What We Seek:
Our success is only achievable by our members. We seek team players, friendly, helpful, committed, mature, and loyal. These individuals are selfless and strive to be “that” to all others. We seek those that can communicate their voice on all subjects good or bad in a respectable and approachable manor.

Code of Conduct:
Members are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior, in and out of game, on any forum and in any voice or text chat.
No lying of any sort to members or friends be it in your application for entry or in your day to day interaction with guild mates.
We are a family, backstabbing and hate mongering will not be tolerated. Any racism, sexism, bitching, whining, bigotry and general malicious behavior may result in dismissal from the guild.
All guild members are to deal fairly in all trades, maintain honesty at all times, treat others, be they guild members or outsiders, with respect.

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